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I am proud to be a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP). KPA CTPs have demonstrated a high level of technical knowledge and hands-on skill both training canines and teaching people. 

every certified training partner:


Is skilled in positive teaching and training techniques to help you and your pet make training fun.


Is educated about using science and behavior-based methods to make training more efficient.


Can customize a training program specifically designed to help you and your pet communicate and succeed together.


Participates in programs for quality assurance and continuing education to ensure that the training you receive is based on modern research and technology


Pledges to teach and train using force-free principles so that you and your dog develop a bond built on trust and respect.

how i train

I use only positive, reward-based training. These methods are grounded in the science of how dogs learn, which means  they deliver the best possible results. Training with me is fun and stress-free for all learners - human and dog! 

The science also tells us that fear and pain carry risks in creating or worsening aggressive behavior. Confrontational training can also slow down learning and make the training process less efficient. 

Positive training, conversely, carries little to no behavioural risks. Rather setting your dog up to fail and then using punishment for making the wrong choice, positive-based training sets your dog up to succeed and makes it easy for them to make the right choice. 

In summary, if we can get reliable behaviour change using fun and stress-free methods, why would we train any other way?

our guarantee

While it is considered professionally unethical to guarantee training results (how can you guarantee the behaviour of another living being?), we do guarantee that you will work with a highly credentialed instructor motivated to help you reach your training goals. We guarantee we’ll use only the most humane, modern, and scientifically proven reward-based training methods to reach those goals. And we guarantee training with us will be a fun and positive experience for both you and your dog.

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