Start Early to Start Right

Raising a puppy is one of the most joyous and challenging experiences of your life. Puppies need constant play, tummy rubs, family time, lots of exploration time, adequate confinement time, sleep, and so much more. Puppies have different needs depending on their age, and even if those intense first few weeks things may ease off, suddenly behaviours like puppy biting and jumping start to surface. Trying to see life from your puppy’s perspective can be hard when he's just chewed your favorite pair of shoes!  


The first three months of your puppy’s life are just too important to squander. Whether you just need a little guidance or you're looking for an all-inclusive package to cover all the bases, CleverPawz, Puppy Training, Hobart has a program to meet your needs.

OUR Puppy services at a glance

Pre-Puppy Consultation $190 - 1.5 hours (in person or online)

Puppy Start Right Class $225 - 5 week course inc 4 Puppy Socialisation Sessions 

Pre-Puppy Consultation $190 - 1.5 hours (or online)


$100 per month

Gold Package - $549
Platiumum Package - $1149

Single session: $30 or Package of 4: $100

Initial Puppy Private Consultation: $190 – 1.5 hours

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PRE-puppy start right consult


set your puppy up to succeed from the start

Some of the most important decisions you will make about your puppy's behavioural well-being happen before you ever bring him home.

Some advanced preparation can help you START RIGHT to ensure all the essentials are in place for a smooth and enjoyable home-coming. CleverPawz will help you to sort out the priorities that are needed to welcome your puppy:

  • Puppy proofing your home

  • Puppy’s needs (environmental enrichment, chewing, nutrition)

  • What to expect of your new puppy?

  • Prevention and Management (toilet training, play biting and mouthing, chewing, etc)

  • Choosing the right equipment (collar, harness, leash etc)

  • Toy and chew recommendations

  • Socialisation defined

  • Children and puppy management

  • Advice on training methods

Pre-Puppy Consultation $190 - 1.5 hours (or online) plus travel
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puppy start right class

group training in a supportive setting

Five-week accredited reward-based puppy school servicing Hobart & Eastern Shore suitable for puppies aged 8-17 weeks specifically designed to teach positive proactive experiences during the critical socialisation period. 


Rolling Intakes – No waiting for set class dates.  Sessions are rotationally based with various fun themes and basic foundation behaviours so that puppies can join at any time.



PUPPY ORIENTATION - Online Zoom Session (1.5hrs)

Orientation includes toilet training, puppy mouthing and nipping, chewing, jumping, puppy-proofing your home, management around children, appropriate enrichment, crate/independence training, defining socialisation, positive reinforcement training methods and equipment recommendations.


WEEKLY FUN THEME-BASED Training Sessions x 4

Each week puppies will learn to interact with fun themes including:-

  • Obstacles & Sounds – habituation to new surfaces, obstacles and various sounds.

  • Handling – preparing for a vet visit, accept handling and restraint, prepare for nail clipping, acclimation to harness, cones, muzzles and brushing. 

  • Wheels & Children’s Toys – habituation to children’s toys, skateboard, bikes etc.

  • People, Costumes & Appearances – habituation to familiar and unfamiliar appearances (hoodies, umbrellas, masks, big hats, beards, unusual head-gear, walking sticks etc.)



Foundation behaviours that are covered during the course include:-

  • Respond to Name/Eye Contact/Look

  • Sit (hand signal/verbal cue)

  • Drop/Down

  • Settle on a Mat

  • Recall basics

  • Collar Hold

  • Hand Target

  • Leave food and objects

  • Give/Take/Exchange

  • Food Bowl

  • Loose leash walking (intro)



Off-leash play each session including education puppy parents on appropriate play.

Watch our video below to see what we teach.

Puppy Start Right Class $225
4 Puppy Socialisation Sessions FREE
Rescue & Breeder’s Discount $199.  Contact for discount code

private 1:1 puppy training

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focused, Personalised training 

With CleverPawz 1:1 training, you get 100% of our attention. We will come to your home and get a sense of the unique challenges you're facing and the goals to which you aspire. We will show you exactly how to train your puppy, and set you up for the week’s training. 

Private training starts with an initial consultation where we work out your personalised puppy training plan.

Initial Puppy Private Consultation: $190 – 1.5 hours
Follow up Sessions $150 per hour
Pre-Paid Package of 3 sessions $360 or 5 sessions $600 plus travel

PUPPY day training

let me do the work for you

Recommended for busy puppy parents looking for the fastest results.  Puppy training starts with an initial consultation where we work out your personalised puppy training plan and/or your socialisation outings. CleverPawz will train puppy for you while you work, run errands, or take care of the rest of your life! 


Each week, we will get together and your CleverPawz trainer will transfer the skills that your puppy has learned to you! 

Initial Consultation $190 – 1.5 hours + travel
Follow up Sessions $150 per hour
Pre-Paid packages of 3 sessions $360 or
5 sessions $600 plus travel
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puppy Socialisation

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a safe place to socialise

Socialisation is critical for your puppy’s ability to cope as an adult dog and without it, can lead to lifelong deficits.  Don’t miss your puppy’s socialisation window (up to 16 weeks) when they are most receptive to new and novel experiences.  

Each 45-minute session is held in a supervised, off-leash area.  Play dates may also be suitable for older, small puppies that would also benefit from socialisation. Please get in touch to determine suitability.

Single session: $25
Package of 5: $100

*FREE with enrollment in
Puppy Start Right Class

let me be your guide

The first three months of your puppy’s life will set the stage for the dog they will become. It is the most important time you'll spend with your new companion, so let's make sure you get it right. ​

Personal Puppy Coach membership means that you have access to your CleverPawz coach 24/7 (almost) because things are changing constantly, and help is needed right away. Time is of the essence. 

how does this work?

You join up to a monthly membership and renew each month for as long as you need.  (Note: It is not auto-renewing).  


Puppy parents send their CleverPawz coach a quick message, video or call via social media/What’s App or what platforms that you prefer. We will respond asap with the solutions you need.  

$100 per month

the perfect puppy packageS


Think you need it all? WE've got you covered.

Set your puppy up to be the best version of himself with my all-inclusive package. Start with a Pre-Puppy consult, where we will ensure that you have everything you need to raise your dream puppy before you take him home. 

You'll also enrol in a CleverPawz Puppy Start Right class, where your new family member will gain important socialisation skills as well as behaviour problem prevention and manners training. 

We will also be on stand-by (nearly 24/7) to help you quickly resolve issues as they arise, as your Personal Puppy Coach. ​

2 tiers to choose from:

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