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Seeing the world through their nose. A fun, new scent work journey for you and your dog

About vicki's scent work journey

Vicki is an experienced Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) and was the first instructor in Tasmania to offer nose work classes from 2014 to date.  She has trained classes including Introduction to K9 Nose Work®, Introduction to Odour (Birch, Anise, Clove & Cypress), Advanced Nose Work (Scent Work) concepts, preparation for competition trials including an odour recognition test (ORT), private one-to-one sessions for fun and therapy, workshops to rescue organisations as well as coaching other nose work instructors.  Vicki hosted Tasmania’s inaugural ACSW Odour Recognition Test (ORT) in 2018 and passed all three target odours with Bailey and Mollie.  


More recently she gained her licence as a Scent Work Judge with the Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC).


Vicki’s love for nose work (scent work) goes way beyond just running classes.  There is just so much to learn, and it will never stop!  She has undertaken workshops with the founders of K9 Nose Work®, professional scent detection handlers, completed numerous nose and scent workshops, seminars and webinars and participated in international scent work skill challenges.  Vicki is extremely grateful for the learning opportunities with Peta Clarke that have inspired her application of skills and critical thinking.  

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Dogs Tasmania (Tasmanian Canine Association Inc (TCA Inc))
Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia Inc.
Pet Professional Guild Australia
National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW)
Australian Canine Scent Work (ACSW)

why nosework?

It’s all about the dog!  My special needs “Bailey Boy” & “Mollie Moo” (too) taught me about the pure love and joy of searching, their focus on a fun sniffing game when nothing else matters, enthusiasm (even as seniors) to play this most amazing game and the smiles on their faces every time warms my heart.  The therapeutic benefits for Bailey’s anxiety has meant he enjoys walks on the beach, can cope with other dogs at short distances and search for odour with other dogs in controlled environments and run as the “demo dog” in scent work competition trials. I am incredibly passionate and totally addicted because it has truly enriched not only their lives but the lives of the many dogs that I have introduced to nose work over the past seven years.  My favourite saying is “wow how awesome is that” and it truly is.  


benefits of nose work

There are many published articles on the benefits of nose work.  In simple terms, sniffing engages the SEEKING system and when this is activated the brain gets a huge surge of “feel good” chemicals like dopamine that produces positive stress and focus.  The more the seeking system is activated the more they will feel good about themselves which is why sniffing, nose work and scent work activities are so amazing for our dogs. 

other benefits:

Positive rewarding outlet for using their nose
Builds confidence especially for shy and anxious dogs
Burns a lot of mental and physical energy during searches
Provides an outlet for over-active or under stimulated dogs
Develops a stronger bond and relationship between dog and handler teams as they learn to read and interpret their dog’s body language
Allows the dog choice and control over their environment as they search in an obedience-free zone without handler intervention
It’s portable - searches can be done anywhere that is suitable
No prior training is required 
Safe for reactive dogs as they work one at a time and rest safely in their vehicles or crates 


All breeds, ages and temperaments:  from puppies to seniors.  Participate just for fun or progress right through to advanced scent work and Scent Work Trials which are now an ANKC and ACSW sanctioned sport  OR play to gain the therapeutic benefits for shy, fearful, anxious and reactive dogs, seniors, disabled or rehabilitating dogs.  Highly recommended for over-active or under stimulated dogs as it provides therapeutic mental stimulation and promotes a reduction in behavioural issues.


how are nose work / scent work classes run?

All nose work/scent work classes are structured so that dog and handler teams search one dog at a time whilst the other dogs are resting in their vehicle or crates.  This provides a safe environment for all dogs enabling anxious and reactive dogs the opportunity to participate.  Scent work is also very tiring for dogs and they need to have down-time to rest and process what has happened ready for the next search.




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